Tuesday, December 2, 2008

George Strait Back in Milwaukee for 2009

We already have one night for Summerfest taken by George Strait. Some of you might have seen him not so long ago also here in Milwaukee at the Bradley Center for Country Fest. He will be the headliner for Summerfest on June 29th opening day. For all of you country music fans, I'll bet that this is very exciting news. George Strait has sold over fifty million albums. His fans will come in big numbers to sing along to his classic hits. We are seven months away from Summerfest, but having a headliner booked for the summer warms me up nicely.

I will take a guess that there will be yet another country show for Summerfest. That will be coupled with a classic band, an up and coming band, and the local favorite may show up too. The next announcement might not come for months, but for now it's George Strait.

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