Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Country Show for Summerfest This Year

Summerfest made another concert announcement for 2009. Kenny Chesney will perform on July 3rd. Summerfest is ten days in length. So we have 20% of it filled with country music. Don Smiley promises that he won't turn the ten day festival into an all country situation. These two shows could be worse. George Strait is an honest country music performer, and Kenny Chesney is very popular.

Marcus Amphitheater tickets have not gone on sale yet for Kenny Chesney, but you can be sure that his devoted fans will be there in big numbers. This is very early in the game. Concert announcements tend to come in March and April.

The Marcus Amphitheater is certainly part of Summerfest, but it doesn't represent the whole of summerfest. The side stages will surely have lots to choose from. Those bookings don't' come together until 60 days prior to the event.

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