Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bon Jovi Back For More

Bon Jovi will perform at Summerfest on June 25th. That band has been here before many times. They have a very devoted fan base of women who are now reaching Middle age. Their 2006 Have A Nice Day tour and cd sold very well. Overall, the band has sold 120 million copies of their work. Their first two albums were not a huge success, but their their third album had two number one hits, and one other top ten hit.

Perhaps Bon Jovi could attribute some of their success to their manager Doc McGhee. They toured the hard rock circuit during the early years, finding themselves on the same bill with bands of a much harder edge.

From 1990 to 1992, Bon Jovi members went their separate ways. The tour schedule took its toll on the band. Jon and Richie made solo albums during that time. They also took a much needed break for two years after their 1996 tour. The only member to depart the band permanantly was their bass player.

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Ticketwood said...

I have grown up listening to Bon Jovi so when I got a chance to see them live it was the most memorable experience for me. I unfortunately missed the concert last year coz tickets were already sold out. Lately someone recommended a great site:
So I can’t wait to see them again!!!