Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bob Dylan at The Marcus Amphitheater

July 1st, the Marcus Amphitheater will play host to one of the greatest rock icons of the past forty years. Bob Dylan will perform at Summerfest, and I'm quite excited to attend that show. Dylan earns the respect of so many. From fans of punk to those who love folk music, Bob Dylan draws them all in. To prove my point, when you Google images and type the word "bob," Dylan has five million pages.

What I also like about the guy is the fact that he's not so concerned about his look. As he ages, he finds a style that fits that age. The pencil mustache is a bit off-putting, but the dude wears the coolest suits. It's not about the look, it's about his music. He pens some of the greatest poetry put to music.

Just about as interesting is his choice for opening act. Willie Nelson will join Bob Dylan that night. Willie is one cool character of the country scene. I finally have a reason to go to Summerfest!

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