Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best Seats at the Marcus Amphitheater

I would suppose that it is all up to the person sitting in the seat, but I think I know the best views at the Marcus Amphitheater. It really depends on what type of experience you want to have.

I will start with the Trent Reznor show at Summerfest two years ago. I sat in the 20th row for the opening act. That was the band I wanted to see. The view was great, but the mix was terrible. It was all high end, and no bass. Visually, I could almost see the sweat on the faces of the musicians from that seat.

Before Trent came on stage, I handed my ticket to some kid who had a lawn seat. He was thrilled. I headed up to the beer booth at the top of the grass section. That booth is exposed to the elements, and that can a good thing. The evening was perfect. The breeze up there was warm. What amazed me was that the sound from the stage was so much better up there.

It was as if I was watching a show from a voyeuristic perspective, but that was ok to me. The sound was great, the lights were more effective, and that breeze was icing on the cake. When the show ended, I was one of the first to get out of the venue. No long lines for me.


LostGirl said...

My sister and I are coming up for Summerfest. She is in a wheelchair and we have tickets in Handicap section AA. I was wondering if these are good seats as they did not even have AA last time we were there a few years ago.

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

AA is not a section. That is a row. The sections at Marcus are 1-2-3 in front 4 through 8 behind that, and then bleacher seats.
If she has row AA in sections 1-2-3 that is 22nd or 25th row, depending on the section.

LostGirl said...

No it's not Row AA, it's Handicap platform AA. I have since found a good seating chart showing where it is.