Saturday, June 27, 2009

Earth Wind and Fire Tickets, More Popular Then One Would Think?

I was surprised to find out that the Earth, Wind, and Fire show at the Marcus was close to being sold out. That band had played a side stage last year, had been cancelled one year, and now they have nearly filled the Marcus Amp. When I checked with the box office, all I could find were a pair of bleacher seats near the back of the entire venue.

That surprises me. This band is coupled with Chicago, but they are not a huge draw either. It must be a nostalgia thing. Or perhaps it's just the right event for the older crowd to attend. Whatever the case, it should be a fantastic night of 1970's music. Earth, Wind, and Fire is one of those bands that had hit songs, but you would be hard pressed to remember the titles. When one of their songs starts up on the radio, that's when you say "oh yea, I know these guys."

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

This was the best Summerfest line up EVER.