Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summerfest Stages, and Marcus Amphitheater concerts

Looking back on Summerfest 2009, I must admit that I had a great time, and saw some awesome performances. As I can now compare Summerfest from year to year, I realized that many people don’t enjoy Summerfest to its full capacity. There are people that purchase tickets for a main stage act at the Marcus Amphitheater and see nothing else but that band. Many people also purchase parking passes for Lot H and have a special entrance to bypass the crowds. Though it is understandable that some people aren’t there to take part in the big hoopla of Summerfest and they just want to see one specific band, I personally enjoy most aspects of the fest. I love the crowds, the noise, and the excitement of it all.

When I go to Summerfest, I take the Freeway Flyer from the suburbs. The bus is usually fun and easy place to meet some new people and talk about what you’ll be doing once you arrive at the festival grounds. Everyone is pretty amped up to go hang out with friends and see their favorite bands so it is a pretty cool way to get there. In addition, you do not have to worry about parking. Once you arrive, its fun to walk around the grounds before you stop to see any music. Summerfest is a great place to spend a hot afternoon, down by the lakefront with some ice cream or lemonade. After enjoying weather and looking around at all the things vendors are selling, I check out the free stages. This past Summerfest, I saw Sound Tribe Sector 9, Matisyahu and Conor Oberst. They all put on awesome performances and it was a great opportunity to see big name acts for relatively inexpensive prices.

Summerfest is a great festival and fortunately, for us, it’s located in Milwaukee. Though it can be fun to get VIP treatment and skip lines and get preferred parking, it is also fun to enjoy all that Summerfest has to offer, lines and all.

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Ms. Pacman said...

i love summerfest! i saw AFI a few years ago they were so bomb!!!