Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Marcus Amphitheater Seating Chart, Sections, And Reviews

The Marcus Amphitheater in Milwaukee is an outdoor music venue that has a capacity of 23,000. The theatre is divided into four main categories of seats. The red sections numbered one, two, and three, is closest to the stage and is covered. The center section at the Marcus Amp. begins with row A and goes up to row GG. Sections 1 and 3 start with row D, and go to Row GG.

The seating area begins to slightly elevate at row M and continues to elevate the rest of the way up all the way to the back of the venue. This allows the people sitting in sections further back to still have a clear view of the stage. The yellow area, sections four through eight, are right behind the red area and is also a covered section. This section has rows A through X.

These two sections are actual seats with backs, ample aisle space and leg room. Following these areas the bleacher sections begin. The bleachers are the Marcus Amphitheater area that is not covered and made up of benches, as opposed to chairs. The open general admission grass section wraps around the back of the venue and is the final area for which tickets are sold.

Whether you are looking for the best seats at the Marcus Amphitheater up front and center in the red section, or just want to get in to see the show and sit in the bleachers, there are plenty of seats to choose from.

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