Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Marcus Amphitheater Shows | Center Section at Summerfest

Some of my greatest experiences at the Marcus Amphitheater and Summerfest grounds are definitely the years I went to the Vans Warped Tour. The entire grounds were used and nearly a dozen stages were constructed to offer fans many different sounds, styles and genres. Sprinkled throughout the stages are many different merchandise booths, information tables, concession and drink stands, skateboard ramps and of course, lots and lots of sweaty kids.

Along with the Summerfest grounds, the stage in the Marcus Amphitheater is used as well. One of the best performances I’ve seen inside the amphitheater was Big D and the Kids Table, one of my favorite ska bands ever. The amphitheater was not full so I got a really great seat in section two, front and center! It was a nice break to be underneath the cool shade of the amphitheater after being outside in the hot sun all afternoon. Looking back now in this snowy December weather, I can’t think of what I wouldn’t give to be out in the sun at the Summerfest grounds right now.

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