Monday, February 15, 2010

Milwaukee Alternative Festival Still Has No Name

Milwaukee alternative festival has yet to be named. There is a contest where you can enter a name. Currently, it's called "yourmusicfest." If I'm reading the contest rules correctly, you have to submit a name and a logo. I can only imagine what kind of logos will hit the desks of the powers that be. If you win, you get two passes to the festival, six three-day passes to Summerfest, four single day passes, and 11 more one day passes to Summerfest. They are kicking in a $100 gift card too. The cash value is 250.

As interesting as this opportunity may be for someone, I can't help but think that this is Summerfest's way of getting a logo, name, and about 10,000 email addresses on the cheap. The cost to have a professional create a logo, with revisions is around $1000 and up. The cost of having a marketing firm create a name is around the same. Okay, I'm probably just a jaded Summerfest attendee, but these guys should just name this darn festival on their own.

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