Monday, February 22, 2010

Summerfest Shows | One Summerfest Show From The Past

One Summerfest Show that I was too young to see, was George Carlin. In 1972, George Carlin was performing on a Summerfest side stage. He said the "Seven Words You Can't Say On TV," and the cops promptly arrested him at the end of his act.
Milwaukee Summerfest has come a long way since then. The grounds along the lakefront are pristine, and monitored constantly. It may be dark near the rocks but rest assured, there are eyes in the sky watching you. Everyone wants to be safe at the fest.

If George Carlin were alive today, what stage would he be performing on? The comedy stage, of course. Speaking of comedy, it's too bad that Summerfest killed off the Comedy Sportz stage. That was something you could bring your kids to see. It was a perfect event for the middle of the afternoon, when you were still not quite ready to rock.

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

I bet that someone could shout out all seven words at Summerfest, and nobody would miss a beat.