Monday, March 29, 2010

Justin Bieber Bleacher Seats | Summerfest Gambles

Justin Bieber Bleacher seats were still available at the time of this post. It's nearly 72 hours since tickets went on sale, and the venue has filled up nicely. I am the first to say that it's a surprise. Is this young hearthrob that popular? He has just a few songs that are getting pop radio airplay.

Summerfest booked Bieber just a few weeks ago, and many old school fans were disapointed. They would love it if the old style rock would remain a staple at the Summerfest Marcus Amp. Not so anymore. It's country, rock, and now pop. I'll bet that Bieber will be a sell out in the next two weeks.

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lovesbieber said...

does anyone know what songs hes gonna be singing?