Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Summerfest Lady Gaga Milwaukee Show | It Was Not the Proper Venue

For those of you who wished to see Lady Gaga at Summerfest, did you really think that it would happen? Lady Gaga is white hot right now. She was not going to play an outdoor festival, even if the Marcus Amphitheater has a roof.

Think about it. She has costume changes, huge props, and big piles of dancers. There was no way that the gig would be at Summerfest. Lady Gaga announced her Bradley Center show for September 2. That's the perfect venue for her show. The entire floor will be general admission. Reserved Bradly Center tickets will be close to $200 each. Ouch!

Will she still be that popular in six months? I'm sure that she will. Two years from now, perhaps not. She's smart to ride the crest of this wave. The shore is coming up fast, and she needs to have a plan at the ready. If she strips down her shows and reveals herself, will the fans accept her? Let's take a look at similar acts. Pink certainly has a travelling circus to back her up. She didn't strip down yet, and it's paying off. Britney Spears will never scale back her performance. That may leave enough room for the fans to see that it's all smoke an mirrors. Madonna, as old as she is, didn't hold back, and never has.

It's safe to say that Lady Gaga will always have some sort of flying debris, costume laden, fluff and flash tour. She has that pesky 32 million dollar lawsuit to settle, but after that, it's full steam ahead.

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