Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marcus Amphitheater Seating Chart

The Marcus Amphitheater seating chart helps me understand just where I will be sitting for every Summerfest show. The venue holds 23,000 people, and a good map can get you to your seat. Why not save yourself some time and use the map to get to where you are going?
This year, there are a few changes in the seating area. For many shows, there will be a pit right in front of the Marcus Amphitheater stage. Will the standing crowd block the view of those just behind it? I doubt it. There is a wheelchair accessible platform just to the right of the stage as well. This makes it easy for disabled rock and roll fans to get a great view of the bands.
When you look at your Marcus Amphitheater tickets, seat number one is always to the right. That means if you are sitting in section three, you want the low seat numbers. If you are sitting in section one, you want the higher seat numbers. Section two is the middle section, so it really doesn't matter what seat number you have.
The Milwaukee venue has a natural rise to it starting around row K. It helps to have that rise, so you can see above the heads of the people in front of you. I enjoy sitting around row X, which is roughly 23 rows from the stage, depending on the section you sit in. It is still close enough to see well, and the sound coming from the stage is great from that distance. Just behind you are eight rows of seats, then the walkway that separates the "red" section from the "yellow." It's an easy way to get to the concession stands and back to your seat.
The only area I have not sat in for a Marcus Amphitheater show is the bleachers. I have sat in on the lawn, and actually stood at the back of the venue. I sat in the yellow section number six, and got as close as section one, row K at Lollapalooza. As long as the weather is nice, and you are not too far over to the left or right, you are going to have a great view of the stage.


AndyB said...

Can you give me your opinion, how are the seats in section 4, seat # 30? Is that too far over to the right of the stage to be able to see the show? Thanks for the info.

trapeze said...

I want a copy of your seating policy, no kids on shoulders, aisles clear no standing in seats, i requested it last night and waited 30 minutes for supervisor "Ray" who was useless, condesending and obvioulsy uanble to answer my question. I just want to read it. Not rocket science. I would not recommend this venue at all. Been to all the chicago area venues, some wisconsin and cali, and this by far is the worst.

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

I'm sorry, we are not the official box office. We just like to blog about the Marcus Amp. If you found the actual box office to be troublesome, it is not our doing.

lnovachek said...


I just bought tickets for Kid Rock on the fansite for July 3rd, and I can't see a really detailed map anywhere to find out where I am sitting. Can you help me out with that? I have the following on my receipt, loc. 2(P1), CC-45,46,47,and 48. Do the rows go by letter, and if so, where is row CC?

Thanks for your help,

lnovachek said...

Can you help me find a more detailed seating chart, or tell me what row my tickets for Kid Rock on July 3rd are for? Info on the receipt is "2(P1), CC-45-48.

Any help is appreciated.

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...
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Danielle Lau said...

So I bought tickets today and they say Platform g which I now just learned is for the handicap and none of us are! Can we still use them?

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

From what we know, there are folding chairs in the ADA area. If the tickets were available, and you purchased them through Ticketmaster or the box office, then you should be fine. You may be uncomfortable sitting in spots reserved for people with disabilities though. Did you reach out to the Marcus Amp. box office?

Megatron723 said...

how many seats are in each row we are in section 1 seats 24,25,26 and27 are these good seats???

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

What row are your seats in? The sections get wider, as you move back. So I would need to know what row you are in.