Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Marcus Amphitheater Summerfest Grounds from the Air

Summerfest Milwaukee
I had the chance to fly over the Marcus Amphitheater Summerfest grounds this weekend. Downtown Milwaukee doesn't look so impressive from the air. At night, the city is lit up nicely, but during the day, our skyline looks pretty small. What really sticks out to me is the Summerfest grounds.

I passed over the grounds during the day, and there were no people, no bands, no nothing. I had to imagine what it would be like to fly over Summerfest and spot 100,000 people all having a great time. The Marcus Amphitheater stage must certainly look impressive from the air when the venue is sold out.
Yes, just south of the Amphitheater, you will find the Milwaukee water treatment plant. Still, you can't see it from the ground. The pond, and the breakwater had a blue glow, as I flew past. The Summerfest stages look ready, and from 1000 feet up, everything looked so clean. We're just one month away from the Summerfest fun.

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