Wednesday, June 9, 2010

K-I-S-S-ing At The Marcus Amp, KISS Performing September 7

KISS Marcus Amphitheater
KISS will be repeat offending at the Marcus Amphitheater later this summer on Thursday September 2. The glam rockers will be one of the final acts the amphitheater sees in 2010, with one more show on September 7 by the Jonas Brothers. Personally, anything after Summerfest this year at the amphitheater is looking dismal at best. I mean, seriously? Why can’t more sweet shows like the Most Wanted tour in 2009 with Lil Wayne and Drake come back? If KISS tickets are a little out of either your price range or you sanity is worth too much to risk on the outgrown hair metal rockers, you can get Gene Simmons in smaller doses on his show Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels. Despite my disdain for KISS, I am a serious sucker for reality TV and the show is actually quite funny.

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