Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tom Petty Summerfest at Marcus Amphitheater June 25-26

Tom Petty Summerfest
Tom Petty will open Summerfest at the Marcus Amphitheater. He's playing two nights, with ZZ Top as the opening act. I'm going to be there on June 26. In order to get a great eight pack of Summerfest tickets for this show, I had to settle for section six. Still, the seats are on the aisle, and should be good enough.

Summerfest ticket holders certainly love Tom Petty. The fact that he's playing two nights in a row should tell you that. As a musician, he must enjoy the fact that he's not getting on a tour bus just minutes after the show ends on June 25. Heck, we might see Mr. Petty wandering the Summerfest grounds! It's been known to happen. If you park your butt at a good spot on the grounds, you are sure to see some of the performers enjoying the festival. They are big fans of music, and if your favorite band is playing just yards from your stage, wouldn't you want to check them out?

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