Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Favorite Marcus Amphitheater Show of 2010 | Santana with Steve Winwood

Marcus Amphitheater
If I had to pick a favorite Marcus Amphitheater show for 2010, it would be Santana with Steve Winwood. The vibe at Summerfest that night was so mellow. You couldn't help but have a great time.

Carlos Santana was on his "Universal Tone Tour," and I felt lucky enough to get tickets in "red section" at the Marcus Amp. Sitting near one of the aisles, I could see everything, and the sound was perfect. I didn't have to wear earplugs that night, just to shave off a few db's.

Steve Winwood was almost a co-headline act. As his musical catalog goes back so many years, all the fans found something to enjoy. I liked what he did in the band Blind Faith.
When Carlos Santana hit the stage, the crowd was amped up. He did play a few songs from his new album titled Supernatural. That disk has old and new songs, and is worth checking out. It will be hard to top that Summerfest show in 2011, but I don't mind going down to the grounds to see if someone can take the title of "Favorite Marcus Amphitheater show.

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