Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marcus Amphitheater Lawn Section | Reserved Seat Numbers at Marcus Under Roof

Marcus Amphitheater seating chart
Did you ever get a wristband at Summerfest and sit in the lawn section at the Marcus Amphitheater? Did you know that all the seats at the Marcus Amphitheater are under the roof? It's the little things that make a concert great. Sometimes you just want to stay for a few songs, so you sit on the grass and hope it doesn't rain. Sometimes you have to boot someone out of your reserved seats at the Marcus Amphitheater.

The second night of Tom Petty, during Summerfest, was one of those nights where I was so glad that I had an actual seat for the show. I was sitting in section six, near the middle.

The Marcus Amphitheater seat Numbers always start on the right. That means seat number one is on the right end of every section. We were seats number one through six, and I like that. No pushing your way through to your spot.

Seat Numbers and Sections at Marcus Amphitheater

  • Section #1 is to the right of the stage

  • Section #2 is in the middle

  • Section #3 is on the left

  • Section #4 is all the way to the right

  • Sections #5,6,7 are middle sections also behind 1-3

  • Section #8 is all the way to the left

  • Seat number one in all the sections are on the far right

It helps to know where your seats are, so you can enter the Amphitheater from the proper side. No pushing your way through a long line of people is your goal.


Tanya said...

Thank you for your posting...I will be at Summerfest this year 2011 and have seats in section 6. I am a little nervous to what my seats might be looking at as I have never been the this Amphitheater before...Are there any obstructions that you know of in the way for seats 1-7? How well can you see the stage from this section? Thank you for your information.

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

Hey Tanya: You should see fine from those seats. When a seat has an obstructed view, they have to print "obstructed view" or something like that right on the ticket. Enjoy the show!

hdr89 said...

I have def leppard tix. Which is a better set: sec 3 row T seats 35-38 or sec 1 row BB seats 22-26?

hdr89 said...

Which is a better set for Def Leppard: Sec 1 Row BB Seats 22-26 or
Sec 3 Row T Seats 35-38?

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

HDR89, Section 3, row T would be my choice. Yes, Section 3 is the left section, but you are eight rows closer to the stage when compared to section 1, row BB seats 22-23.

Pela said...

We have lawn seats for Kanye West. Any tips for where to enter and sit, etc, so that we are comfortable and can see properly? Just my boyfriend and I. Should we bring a blanket to sit on? Thanks in advance, and looking very much forward to visiting Milwaukee!

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

According to the Summerfest site, a blanket is allowed, but I would check their site when it gets closer to festival time. They may adjust the policy without notice. I can't say that there is a special time to get there, but if you want to make sure that you have a nice spot on the lawn, you may want to get there before the opening band starts (at the Marcus.)

Pela said...

Thanks for the tip! Whooo to Milwaukee and Summerfest!

joanna23 said...

Me and my three friends are seeing Kanye West at the marcus amphitheater and we have lawn seats. If we get there early enough, will we still be able to see over the crowd? (Because I know how everyone tends to stand on the seats/bleachers..)

Milwaukee Ticket Guy said...

Yes, if you end up getting to the lawn sections late, you might wind up right behind the yellow section of reserved seats. Getting to the Marcus Amp. for the opening act might help you find a good spot.