Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marcus Amphitheater Vendors and Views from the Lawn Section

Marcus Amphitheater lawn section

I was one of the lucky ones to have a pass to get into the restricted areas at the Marcus Amphitheater this past Summerfest season. It was nice to have an opportunity to drink a beer, and snack on Gardetto's, compliments of one of the heavy hitters in the Milwaukee business scene. I won't mention who gave me the passes, as Summerfest likes to keep an eye on those items. The only thing I struggled with that night was getting to the actual area itself. We went too high up along the venue walkway, and had to head back down and search.
It was nice to rub elbows with the fancy people, but I like the lawn section of the Marcus Amphitheater just as much as the reserved seating. Why? Because it's easy to get to the beer vendors at the top of the venue when you sit on the lawn. On a warm summer night, you can catch a breeze up there too. When the show is over, you can make a quick getaway from the lawn, as you are not forced to walk the walkways and stairs of the red and yellow sections. Yes, if it rains you get wet.

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