Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marcus Amphitheater as an Enclosed Venue

Marcus Amphitheater roof

What would be the reasoning behind the idea of making the Marcus Amphitheater an enclosed venue? Would it ruin the feel of the shows? Is there a need for another large enclosed venue in Milwaukee?

Marcus Amphitheater Roof Plan

If the Summerfest board decided to make the Marcus Amp. an indoor venue, shows could be held all year long. Right now, the only large concert venue in Milwaukee is the Bradley Center. During specific times of year, there is no room on the schedule for shows at said venue. As the Bucks, Marquette, and Milwaukee Admirals all use the Bradley Center as their home court. The Marcus could attract larger touring bands that come through in the winter months. Seeing that Wisconsin is cold and nasty for nearly five months, wouldn't it make sense to have that option?

Heating the Marcus Amphitheater

The Marcus Amphitheater could be heated as they do Miller Park. Fans don't need it to be 68 degrees in January, they just need the venue to be warm enough to be comfortable. Miller Park has the ability to be roughly 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. If the Marcus Amphitheater could replicate that, it could schedule performances through most of November, and start again in March.

On thing that the Marcus Amphitheater has over the Bradley Center, parking. The parking situation at the Summerfest grounds is perfect for concerts. The venue is not very close to restaurants and bars, but for sheer ease of use, people could easily come and go with little traffic nightmares. One issue I would see that would need attention would be the beer stands and restrooms. As they are separate buildings right now, some work would need to be done in order to incorporate those key items.

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