Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Katy Perry July 7 Marcus Amphitheater Show

The second Marcus Amphitheater show for Summerfest has been locked in. It will be Katy Perry on July 7. Katy Perry hit the national pop music scene with the song I Kissed A Girl. Prior to that, she took a stab at gospel music. That effort failed to produce any buzz, after the record label closed. She did have an Internet mess on her hands when she released a song titled "Ur So Gay." It didn't chart, but certainly stirred up controversy.

Perry found Success when she signed to Capital records. I Kissed A Girl was number one around the world. That was followed up with another hit song titled Hot n Cold. From there, she found success with three other songs from her second album titled Teenage Dream. Katy Perry Summerfest tickets have yet to go on sale.

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