Friday, May 6, 2011

Cascio Groove Garage 2011 Headline Acts

Summerfest Groove Garage

It may be a small tent, but the Cascio Groove Garage is one of the best places to catch local and regional talent at Summerfest. Since moving the stage from an area near the food vendors on the south end, I feel like the Groove Garage is getting more traffic. The spot is a bit shady, which can be great on a hot summer day. The music opening acts are not listed here, but I'll try to list them as soon as I can.

6/29 The Right Now

6/30 The Jeanna Salzer Band

7/1 I'm Not a Pilot

7/2 The Invaders

7/3 The Uptown Savages
7/5 The Fatty Acids

7/6 Brighton, MA

7/7 Mark Mallman

7/8 John the Savage

7/9 Into Arcadia

7/10 Surgeons in Heat

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