Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marcus Amphitheater Bleacher Seating

Marcus Amp. Bleachers
The Marcus Amphitheater bleacher seating is just beyond the assigned seats and out in the open. They are not the best seats in the venue, but they have a life of their own. Sometimes, sitting behind all the assigned seats gives you a very interesting perspective. It's like you are watching not only the performers on the stage, but the entire experience. Let's take a moment to pick apart the bleacher seats at the Marcus Amp.

Bleacher Seats at the Marcus
  • There are thirteen bleacher sections
  • The sections start with row A, and go out to row CC
  • Section 9 is all the way to the right, facing the stage
  • Section 21 is all the way to the left
  • Center sections of the bleachers are numbered 14,15,16
  • Some artists will open up the lawn and bleacher sections for free admission
Not every artist that plays the Marcus Amp. will sell out the venue all way back to the bleachers, but it's nice to know that there are affordable seats available for most shows.

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