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Beach Boys Summerfest 2012 in Milwaukee

Beach Boys Summerfest 2012

The Beach Boys will perform at Summerfest on July 1, 2012. They will headline the Marcus Amphitheater, as part of their 2012 tour. This will be the first time that the group has reunited in such a long time. They are getting together to celebrate their 50th anniversary. These surf rockers will surely entertain the masses, both young and old. Beach Boys tickets go on sale on February 25. Is a Beach Boys album in the works? Sources say yes.

The Beach Boys go all the way back to 1962, when they found a hit song in “Surfin.” Yes the first version of the song barely broke into the top 100 of the charts, but the band was on their way to fame. They re-recorded the song Sufin’ Safari in the spring of 1962, and that was just the tonic for a song that seemed to be ailing. The song cracked the top twenty on the charts by the summer. Another chart topping song was Little Deuce Coupe that cracked the top five. It was just two years later when the band had their first number one song. I get around was the hit that brought them the most fame.

Beach Boys Come Home to Pet SoundsBrian Wilson stayed home during one of their tours in the mid 1960’s. He stayed behind and recorded the now famous album Pet Sounds. That album is known for songs like Wouldn’t it be Nice, and Caroline No. The band wasn’t so sure about the lush sounds of the disk. Beach Boys fans didn’t support the album very much either. Brian Wilson poured his heart and soul into Pet Sounds, but didn’t wallow in the fact that his hard work was not well received. He went right back into the studio to record Smile. Smile would feature one of the most famous Beach Boys songs in the world. Good Vibration, was inspired by another famous record producer. Late in 1966, that song hit the top of the charts.

By the turn of the 1960’s decade, fans didn’t find the Beach Boys to be changing with the times. They had to make a move to get their names in front of a young crowd. They did that in 1971, when they hooked up with the Grateful Dead. That surge put them back in the spotlight for a few more years, but by the late 1970’s the band had changed as far as lineup, and disco was the sound of America.

It took ten more years for the Beach Boys to hit gold again. Their song Kokomo was part of a Hollywood soundtrack. The song took off, and the band once again had a hit song on their hands. It was the same year that the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

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