Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Time Rush to Play Marcus Amphitheater July 6

Big Time Rush Marcus Amphitheater

For those of you who loved boy bands in the past, you might want to check out Big Time Rush at the Marcus Amphitheater on July 6. They are the latest headline act to be booked for Summerfest, and fans are already excited to the show. From the start of their television show with the same title, the Nickelodeon talent factory knew that they had a hit on their hands. It was only a matter of time before those same four kids hit the road.

In the fall of 2010, their first album came out to mixed reviews. With songs like "Music Sounds Better with U," and "Love Me Love Me," one can guess that this group was geared for teen-aged girls. The band was created with the full intent to drive sales to that same group. It took a massive casting call effort to find the right kids to fill the roles. Once the pieces of the puzzle are laid out for those magical masters at Nickelodeon, it's just a matter of putting them together to create one heck of a good product. Catch the band at Summerfest, or enjoy their show on cable television.

By the time that the band hits the Summerfest stage, we will know if they won the Kids Choice Award for Favorite Music Group in 2012. They have already won a Teen TV award for the same category. Are these the Monkeys of the current decade? One would say yes.

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