Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kelly Clarkson to Play Summerfest 2012 on June 29

Kelly Clarkson Summerfest show
Summerfest is happy to announce that Kelly Clarkson will be performing on June 29, at the Marcus Amphitheater.  Clarkson will be headlining the show, with the band Train as her opening act.  If you are a fan of American Idol, you will know that Kelly beat out thousands of other singers and went on to win the first season of the show.  It's been ten years since she made her splash in the pop music scene, and has sold millions of disks in that time. 

Kelly Clarkson fans are happy to see that she also tries her hand at acting and producing. The one thing that she failed at was rock music.  She released an album titled My December, which had a more rock-like feel.  The disk managed to sell over one million copies, but die hard Clarkson fans didn't beat down the doors to buy it. A sample of Never Again can be found here.  Who writes, or helps write Clarkson's songs?  Kip Moore helped her with the hit Mr. Know It All. Claude Kelly co wrote My Life Would Suck Without You. Kara DioGuardi helped pen the song titled Gone.  In fact, Clarkson cannot take credit for writing one single hit song on her own. One shouldn't be surprised.  Rarely do the pop stars of the day have the talent to write their own material.

Still, fans don't mind that pop stars are groomed along the way.  Rarely will we see someone talented enough to do it all.  Kelly Clarkson answered the casting call of American Idol, and the rest is history.  So many others would do the same thing if they knew that it just might make them stars.  There is nothing wrong with the way that she worked her way into the hearts of American teenagers. See her at Summerfest 2102, and you might join the millions of fans who already know how talented she is.

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