Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fun Comes To Summerfest 2013 | Fun Tickets On Sale Now

Fun Summerfest 2013
With a name like "Fun," how can you go wrong?  Fun comes to Summerfest 2013 on June 27.  The band has been going strong for four years now, and they are supporting their 2011 album titled "Some Nights." Who can forget the most popular song on that disk?  It's titled We Are Young, and it's been getting tons of radio airtime.

Their breakout hit earned them a Grammy Award for "Best New Artist" of 2013.  They also managed to earn top honors for song of the year. They nearly won the 2012 New Artist of the Year, American Music Award, but were beaten out by Carley Rae Jespen.

It's not often that the powers that be at Summerfest will give a headline date to a band that has just one hit song.  In the case of Fun, they will be backed up by Tegan and Sara, a duo that has been going strong since 1995.  They have seven albums to their name, and have been nominated for various Juno awards, going back to 2000.

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