Monday, April 22, 2013

Marcus Amphitheater Seating Chart | Find Your Seats At The Marcus Amp.

Marcus Amphitheater Seating Chart

Back in 2010, we created a post with an image of the Marcus Amp.  It's still a popular post for this little blog.  We found a much better Marcus Amphitheater seating chart for you Summerfest fans. Feel free to check out the link here for a bigger version of the image.  When sitting in your seats, the numbers to the right are lower.  Seat number "one" is all the way to the right, when facing the stage.

Sections one starts at row C, and that first row is just 20 seats wide.  In section three, there are five seats in row A, six chairs in row B, then row C is also 20 seats wide. Sections 1-3 go all the way back to row "GG."

For sections 4-8, they start with row A, and end at row X. Those sections widen out as you go back, starting out 32 to 40 seats wide, depending on the section, becoming up to 59 seats wide in certain areas. There is ample disabled seating in the back of sections 1-3 as well as 4-8.  There are two wheel chair access seats just to the right of center, up front. 

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