Friday, April 15, 2016

Def Leppard Comes to Summerfest 2016 | REO Speedwagon and Tesla Open

Def Leppard Summerfest tickets
Def Leppard will headline Summerfest 2016 on July 6. REO Speedwagon and Tesla will open the show. For Def Leppard tickets, follow the link. The band starts their tour on May 6, with a show in Pensacola Florida. By the time the band hits the stage in Milwaukee, they will have played nineteen shows on their current tour.

Def Leppard is coming up on 40 years of rocking and rolling. It all started in 1977, when they called themselves "Atomic Mass." Is that name much better than Def Leppard? It just might be. They ditched that first name after just one show. Their first release was just three songs, with "Getcha Rocks Off" being a huge hit. Strangely, the band was thought to be a bit more punk than rock, back in the early years. John Peel had great things to say about the band.

Who made the band a success? The fans first, but Mutt Lange, the popular producer of that era took them under his wing, and helped the band strive for perfection. After all, Lange did that to most bands he was interested in. Bringin' On the Heartbreak came out of the Mutt Lange factory, and the band had a hit on their hands. In total, the band has released eleven studio albums, with the latest coming out in 2015. They did take their sweet time making albums, with gaps of three or four years coming between certain projects.

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