Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Paul McCartney Plays Summerfest 2016 on July 8th.

Paul McCartney Summerfest
Paul McCartney will play Summerfest 2016 on July 8th, and tickets for the show are about to go on sale. Will this event sell out? Most definitely. The Marcus Amphitheater is a large venue, but this is Paul McCartney, an artist who has sold out venues all across the United States in 2015. His last performance in Milwaukee as at Miller Park, a venue that held well over 40,000 people.

When the Beatles came to an end, McCartney didn't stop performing. He released a self titled album in 1970, which some call a "low-fi" first effort.  Some even wondered if the release was rushed into production, since the audio was not the cleanest one had ever heard. Album number two came out in 1971, and it was titled "Ram." Ram certainly had its moments, and McCartney had two hit songs on his hands. This was followed up with Red Rose Speedway, and it was misunderstood from the day that it was released. As the years have passed, some critics have come around.

Band on the Run came out in 1973, and Wings was born. It's a McCartney favorite for so many fans. He would go on to create many more Wings albums, then go back to solo work. Back to the Egg, Wing's final album was panned widely, so his return to solo efforts came at a perfect time. McCartney II was a success, and Paul never looked back. He continued to make solo albums from that day forward.

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